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 Early Career Spotlight Talks

Lijun Zhang

Title: Online Learning in Changing Environments

Taiki Todo

Title: Mechanism Design with Uncertainty

Mingming Gong

Title: Bridging Causality and Learning: How Do They Benefit from Each Other?

Alex Schwing

Title: Learning to Anticipate

Quanquan Gu

Title: Understanding Overparameterized Deep Neural Networks: From Optimization To Generalization

Rivka Levitan

Title: Developing an Integrated Model of Speech Entrainment

Cynthia Matuszek

Title: Learning Language in Simulation for Real Robot Interaction

Risheng Liu

Title: Optimization Learning: Perspective, Method, and Applications

Alexey Ignatiev

Title: Towards Trustable Explainable AI

Tias Guns

Title: Learning from user and environment in combinatorial optimisation

Mohit Bansal

Title: Multimodal, Grounded, and Knowledgeable Language Understanding+Generation

Felipe Trevizan

Title: Handing Constraints in Probabilistic Planning: Problems, Algorithms, and Heuristics

Nick Mattei

Title: Closing the Loop: Bringing Humans into Empirical Computational Social Choice and Preference Reasoning

Takanori Maehara

Title: Frontier of Submodular Maximization